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City (closest to Repeater) PLEASE. Only One Listing Per Repeater Site. (dups will be removed)
Output Freq. MHz.
Call Sign of repeaterREQUIRED For multiple repeaters on the same Freq. Please use -1, -2 etc.
Access Code ie. dpl ot DTMF up code
Input Frequency MHz.
AutoPatch Yes,NO,Code to access
Elevation In Feet above sea level
Service Rating

Limit to 250 characters
Comments will show on the state repeater page

D-STAR ATV IRLP EchoLink repeaters must have one of these words in the comments area. Use the EXACT SPELLING we show here.
Repeater/Club URL
Internet site address:
Your Call Sign
Your E-Mail REQUIRED Don't worry - No Advertising, Only database communications.
Your Relation to Repeaterie. owner,user,control operator
Grid Square of repeaterie. DM04 Used to help locate repeater
Zip Code of repeaterie. 91505 Used to help locate repeater
Lat/Lon of Repeater
For Map Display

Find a City Lat and Lon
Find a Cities Lat and Lon

Map a Lat &Lon

 If you are not using Minutes and seconds and only have the decimal Lat/Lon, then enter everything it in the degrees field and leave the minutes and seconds blank. Example: -121.9088
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